Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Turkish Delight

Kate and Darren squandered their air-miles recently to fly 'Business Class' to Tenerife and although I was slightly envious of the better leg-room (though not so much, because at 1.61metres, I am rarely cramped) what most impressed me, and Kate, was the real cutlery. Having never been even remotely tempted to attack anyone, airborne or not, with the silverware, I always gaze askance at the plastic knife and fork, and wield it with a sigh. 

I feel, therefore, like a queen, having more than enough room to stretch my legs, and METAL dinner works. Top Marks Turkish Airlines. 

I am writing/wrote  this at whatever it is in feet, well-fed (beef  and tomato stew, very tasty. Good wine and a creditable coffe) and enjoying being entertained by Richard Gere, who always plays Richard Gere
playing someone rich in need of a good wife... He dies, so I won't spoil the ending for you by giving away the name of the film. Besides, I can't remember what it was.

I passed the time taking some 'arty' shots. This one is the interior of the cabin.

And THIS one is a glass of water. If you look very closely you will spot the Blessed Virgin Mary. Possibly.

And THIS one, lacking any celebrity appearances by divinities, is the Priority Pass Lounge in Istanbul.

I'm behind you.

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